These Are The Basic Fashion Maths on “Quality Over Quantity”

If you’re anything like me, my closet and drawers are about to explode with stuff that I might need later on, but for the moment, have nothing to wear. The concept of “investment dressing” has been roaming fashion blogs and websites these days, all in an effort for us to spend our extra income on good quality items over fast and fleeting fashion. However, it depends on your personal lifestyle.

For example, if you’re on your feet the whole day, you’ll need a range of shoes and a smaller wardrobe. If your feet are under a desk for most of the time, then you’ll need more tops than shoes, etc., etc.

Racked has made a series of infographics to illustrate basic fashion math to ease you into investment shopping.

If you’re one to drive shoes into the ground with a lot of walking, then a “more is more” attitude will work better for you. If you have a bunch flats, boots and sandals and you’ve been thinking about a classic heel, then it might be worth investing in a beautiful pair of Manolos.


Raw denim is usually a guy’s fashion obsession. If you’re ready to bring in some classic staple pieces into your wardrobe, A.P.C is where it’s at. BDG jeans mentioned above are the line from Urban Outfitters.


This is totally something that I would love to invest in – a Burberry Trench Coat or Cashmere Wrap Coat. It’s a classic that will never get out of style. If you reside in Auckland, you don’t need to purchase something that one would require for sub-zero temperatures.


Always pick quality over quantity with cashmere.


Chanel bags are getting more expensive by the day: an average of 15% each year. One of these will last a lifetime. It equates to nearly 200 cheap handbags at an average price of app $30. However, if you use your Chanel bag five days a week for a year, the cost per wear is approximately $20-$30 depending on the size of the quilted bag. These are items that you can pass on to your granddaughters, so you’ll be driving that daily average lower and lower. Also, every woman needs one good designer handbag.