This Is What Bella Hadid Eats In A Week

Celebrity diet plans: people can’t get enough of ’em. This time round, the big diet expose revolves around supermodel Bella Hadid. Senior Editor Hallie Gould of Byrdie took it on herself to try out Hadid’s diet and she explains the process extensively in her article, “I Ate Like Bella Hadid for 7 Days, and This Is What Happened.” What I’m here for is to provide you a recap of all the juicy bits.

Gould was given a programme by celebrity nutritionist Dr. Charles Passler and it’s important to note that the diet programmes are personalised to suit each individual. However, the main focus of the program is about feeling good. One diet won’t suit all bodies and lifestyles.

What is striking to me are the love life questions that Dr. Passler asked Gould: “Have you ever been in a relationship that was bad for you?” and “did you stay in that relationship for longer than you should have because it was easier than dealing with the feelings that would come afterward?”

Aaaah, what an obvious revelation. Not only do you need to cut the crappy junk food, you need to be happy. Your diet is like a marriage, it’s got to work long-term. Unless you’re a gold-digging husband-hopper, which is also totally okay.

Toxins are in the air we breathe, the food we ingest, in between the fibres of our clothes, in all the petrochemical-based personal care products, etc., etc. According to Dr. Passler, when you get rid of the toxin build-up, it allows you to reset your relationship with food. “You’ll wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed without having to rely on caffeine to get your day going,” he tells Gould.

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