Benefit’s National Brow Artist Shows How To Get The Best Brows

Brows are one of the most important features of your face – everyone can agree on this. Creating a good strong brow is an absolute priority in women’s makeup routines these days. Although there’s a tonne of videos on the internet, brow shape is different depending on the person.

Benefit Cosmetic’s National Brow Artist Sarah shares her step-by-step, expert tips and tricks for creating your best brows!


“A personalized brow shape is fundamental to achieving great brows,” says Sarah. Can’t make heads or “tails” about where to begin? HINT: seek professional help.

Drop into any Benefit BrowBar beauty lounge for a free expert consultation. Here’s what to expect. The aesthetician will use Brow Mapping, Benefit’s signature technique, to mark three key points on your brow: the start, the arch and the end. They will then connect the dots to reveal your custom brow shape.


When it comes to brow products, shade is EVERYTHING. The key is to use your hair colour as a guide, explains Sarah.

  • For the most natural brow look, pick a shade that matches your hair colour.
  • For a bolder brow, choose a shade that’s 1-2 tones darker than your hair colour.
  • To soften your look, go 1 shade lighter than the hair on your head.

Once you’ve found your ideal go-to shade, try adding subtle highlights and soft contrast by applying 3D Browtones on top of your brow pencil or cream-gel colour.



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