You Should Demand Cuddles Because It’s Amazing For Your Health

We all love a good cuddle – and D News has delved into it for us with a dash of science to help prove our point to anti-embracers. Physical contact helps build bond and form intimacy between people: it increases the release of oxytocin a.k.a. “cuddle hormone”, a neuropeptide, which promotes trust, devotion and bonding.

But how can cuddling promote health you ask? Cuddling reduces cortisol a.k.a the stress hormone. “Cortisol increases appetite and prompts the body to put on deep-belly fat. That fat releases compounds called cytokines, which in turn raise the risk of developing chronic diseases,” says Sharon Horesh Bergquist, Emory University professor of medicine. This means that not only does it keep you warm at night, it also helps to keep the colds away because with less stress, you have a better immune system.


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