Diners Share Hilarious Photos Of Their Meals Served On Non-Plates Like Bricks, Hats and Shoes

Restaurants are slowly trying to convert us into using miscellaneous items instead of the traditional plate. Diners who aren’t so convinced with this hipster approach to serving food have taken to social media to share the most bizarre plate alternatives. The Dailymail compiled some of the most bemusing meal displays.

Disgruntled diners have been sharing photographs of the bizarre items their food has been served on. Juanita Chen was presented her fish on a brick tweeting: 'Here's a way to take advantage of that nearby construction site'

Bob Granleese tweeted: 'Hey, tell you what would be a great idea, let's put the coleslaw IN A SHOPPING TROLLEY'

diners have been left puzzled when their mashed potato and gravy have been served to them in a pint glass

diners have been left puzzled when their mashed potato and gravy have been served to them in a martini glass

A plate clearly wasn't exciting enough for this serving of canapes and cheese straws presented in a specialised wooden box

It may look like a mess but this spilled dish has been intentionally served in this fashion by one cutting edge restaurant

We can't imagine that eating a full English breakfast off a shovel would be the most practical of dining experiences

A side of roast potatoes balance precariously in a teacup

some kind of savoury mousse sits inside a wine glass

Rachael Hitchinson was served porridge in a tin which would not be out of place in a third-world prison as seen here

seafood is delivered on top of VW camper van

No it isn't bedtime, yes, this is part of your dining experience. A surprised diner tucks into 'a yoghurt ice cream "brush", mint-eucalyptus crème "paste" and a gin and tonic' at a restaurant in Germany

A table tennis bat makes a precarious plate for salad

miniature wheelie bin was the vessel of choice for crisps

A flat bread sandwich is served on a sizzling griddle which has been placed on a wooden planks to raise it above the table at Lava

A stone arch balances a singe canape in this rather ostentatious presentation of a starter

This restaurant thought it would be a good idea to serve spring rolls in tall shot glasses, half filled with dipping sauce

Onion rings were served on a section of piping at a restaurant that also saw fit to strew the entire meal over a wooden board

George Sudhakar was given a slice of tart on a flat board accompanied with a jug of custard which no doubt would have spilled off from the wooden serving dish

another diner was presented a rice dish in a rather unpractical mug

Kitsch? Or just plain irritating? This photo of a mini garden bench was posted on the @wewantplates Twitter account, which is biting back at restaurants who use novelty ways to present food

Who pinched the plate? And the cutlery? A southern feast is served up on a solitary sheet of grease-proof paper with a little shopping trolley full of chips on the side

Mamma mia! This Italian restaurant takes the words communal and table to the limit, with diners invited to tuck into a sharing portion of spaghetti and sauce on the bare surface

Tartare sauce in a tiny watering can, peas in a plant pot and fish and chips in a wooden box

a delicate starter is served atop a piece of stone

Fancy that, it's bread in a hat: One Twitter user was left aghast when they were served a selection of bread in a flat-cap, presumably one that hadn't been worn

Cosy dinner: Bizarrely this restaurant has done away with a bread basket and opted for slippers to hold the snack instead

Cheesy feet anyone? Brie balls served in sudded Camper shoes might be one step too far

Evergreen and always yum: The Grain Store in London's King's Cross serves mushroom croquettes on bark