This is the Easiest Way to Detox Before Summer

For the past few months of cold, drizzly and general miserable weather, you’ve probably been hitting those deep dark red vinos or chugging back the carb-filled beerios… or both. And with the days lasting longer thanks to daylight saving, you’ll no doubt be bathing in that flood of warmth with your sunnies on sipping on rose, frose, bubbles, ginnies or those addictive Aperol Spritz’ that are so blimen well balanced on the palate. I’m all about having a good time, but I’ve also been thinking about my health and future since my partner’s liver has gone a bit sour at a mere 26 years old. It’s true, he has been bingeing like a bro during his uni years… and thereafter… but at this prime age when he should be donning an off-white creme hued linen shirt matched atop some questionable white pants adorned with a brown belt, some slick Tom Ford aviators with the soft summer breeze billowing through his perfectly wavy hair… I feel very sorry for him. And I definitely, undeniably, do not, want to feel this sorry for myself. So! – what’s the solution, you ask?

Detox tea – and before you roll your eyes at the prospect of needing to starve yourself for 3 days drinking nothing but water with some miscellaneous dirt in it, I’ll just stop you there. I don’t do difficult, but I do like stuff that can be implemented with ease into my already hectic lifestyle that at some, correction most, times can not be bothered with. I went for my first run in about 3, perhaps, 4 years, last night, after a week of unintentional carb-loading that creeped up on me in the form of uncomfortable camel-toe due to the tightening of my jeans. The point is, I’m lazy and I like things to be hassle-free.

When you wake up, just make a cup of the Artemis Liver Detox tea and drink it while you’re reading the paper on your phone or doing your makeup before you have your morning feed. Or in my case,  roll out of bed and faff about for 1 hour and 15 mins with the good intention of eating breakfast and making myself look presentable, but rarely achieving either of those tasks; I just take the tea to work and brew it while I’m at my desk.

Time to get down to the details – the ingredients. And I’ll try not to weave each ingredient to my own personal experiences from here on out. The Liver Detox Tea is made up of a range of bitter herbs to support the liver and aid digestion. It’ll taste bitter at first due to the Dandelion root, although it wasn’t bitter for me at all. However, the more bitter it tastes, the more you need it – perhaps a sugar-coated way of saying you’ve drunk your liver into oblivion and it’s time to make a change sister.

First on the stellar lineup of ingredients is St Mary’s Thistle a.k.a. Milk Thistle; renowned for its unique ability to detoxify, protect and strengthen the liver. Studies have proven that Milk Thistle can not only protect the liver from harmful substances but also regenerate damaged liver cells. The latter proves particularly useful if alcohol, drug, dietary abuse or exposure to chemical pollution has compromised your liver functions. When combined with vitamin E, a recent clinical trial of 179 patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) showed an improvement in liver enzymes and tissue.

Calendula has been used for centuries as an incredible healer for damaged skin and infected wounds due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. When ingested, this wondrous flower acts as a lymphatic cleanser to enhance the liver’s ability to detoxify and improve blood flow to heal internal wounds. When you’re feeling stressed and fatigued, often accompanied with under-eye bags and digestive disorders, the Calendula flower combined with peppermint, can help alleviate bloating and bring peace to your fractured mind. Another digestion aid is Dandelion root; it stimulates stomach acid and bile production to promote easier brown down off food for easy absorption. It also helps your liver release toxins which in turn, boosts energy levels.

Globe Artichoke plays a big role in the management of cholesterol while also acting as an antioxidant to protect liver function and bile production. In some cases, liver support is all you need to decrease your cholesterol levels. The liver processes everything we are exposed to. When detoxing, it’s also important for you to actively make an effort to reduce your toxic load. This means alcohol, caffeine, nicotine. Something else to take note of is the ingredients in your skincare as well as the detergents you use for washing and cleaning as they all include toxins that will increase the pressure on your liver.

When you have an optimally functioning liver, you can expect better circulation, digestion, immunity and balanced hormones. This, in turn, will provide ‘visible’ results via better sleeping patterns, clearer skin, boost in energy levels and help you be less irritable.

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