4 Easy, Classy, Mouth-Watering Vodka Cocktail Recipes To Whip Up

In an effort to raise awareness and funds to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa, Belvedere Vodka has launched a very special campaign where 50% of the profits of the 2016 Global Red Initiative will be forwarded to the Global Fund. “We are committed to the (RED) initiative and are thrilled to be showing our support locally for such an important cause,” says Ali Campbell, Senior Brand Manager for Belvedere Vodka New Zealand. “All it takes is 30 cents a day to help prevent a mother living with HIV from passing the virus to her child, so each bottle sold here in New Zealand has the power to change lives in Africa.”

Celebrating its fifth year as a brand partner of RED, Belvedere has brought on John Legend as the Global Ambassador with Esther Mahlangu to design this year’s Special Edition Belvedere RED bottle. An artist, humanitarian and a royal member of a tribe in the Gauteng region of South Africa, her design expresses unity, change, support and security; all fundamental points that stand for the #MakeADifference campaign.

Since the RED initiative was launched in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, it has raised $350 million within a decade, all assisting in The Global Fund to fight against the disease across Africa. This has provided more than 70 million HIV/AIDS victims with prevention, treatment, counselling, HIV testing and care.

Belvedere’s Ambassador for Australia, Mick Formosa graced us with his presence at the launch in New Zealand. With more than 20 years in the hospitality industry and half of his career as an award-winning brand ambassador, Formosa is a renowned walking Encyclopaedia for all things spirits in Australia. On 1st September, I met the King of Spirits at the launch for Belvedere RED and we tasted these glorious cocktails that are so quick and easy for Summer.


Belvedere RED Spritz
45ml Belvedere (RED) Vodka

30ml bitter aperitif (Campari)

2 orange wedges & 1 sprig of rosemary

Topped with equal parts of sparkling water and tonic water

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