An Expert Reveals 5 Top Tips On How To Burn Fat

As we board the train going full steam ahead into the summer season, the pressure to have a bikini bod has never been higher. I thought, who else better to ask than Kurt Dell, the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) National Men’s Physique Champion. Plus, he’s insanely ripped so I guessed that whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right. Currently working as a Professional Phsyique Coach and P.T. at Les Mills, Dell revealed the fitness industry’s first-hand knowledge on how to cut fat.

  1. Drink more water

Starting your day with a large glass of water is a great way to kickstart your digestive system. Often I find that people who don’t drink enough water get cravings later in the day and it’s not always due to be hungry, it’s due to being thirsty. I encourage all of my clients to start off by slightly increasing their water intake and then slowly bringing it up to close to 4 litres per day. It may sound a lot, but the more you drink, the more often you will find yourself becoming thirsty.

  1. Don’t eliminate or alienate foods, take note of portion sizes and eat until you’re satisfied not full.

Eat what you enjoy, however be mindful of calorie intake and reserve certain foods for a treat, not something that you eat daily. When I eat at a restaurant, I will always start with a salad and then order the best option on the menu, something that is high in protein and low in fat (chicken breast, lean cuts of steak, fish) and ask them to cook it with little to no oil and have the sauces on the side – this way, your calorie intake will be much lower. Usually eating only half of the meal is quite enough to feel satisfied and the remainder which I don’t eat, I will ask for a container to take home. Occasionally I will order what I feel like eating and have it as it comes but I’ll always try to make up for it by beginning my next day with some form of exercise.

  1. Begin your day with some form of exercise.

Beginning your day with exercise is a brilliant way to not only kickstart your metabolism but also to put you into a calorie deficit to begin your day and also to help you feel better mentally and less likely to want to undo the hard work you have done by eating bad foods. If you find yourself struggling to get going in the morning, just beginning your day with a brisk walk to start with will be more than ample to flick this switch and prime your body for the day ahead.

  1. Find an exercise activity that you enjoy doing.

Not all exercise is enjoyable. One thing that I always try to do with my clients is to find out what exercise they enjoy. Most people cringe at the idea of spending an hour on a treadmill staring at the numbers ticking over until they are complete. However, an hour of basketball or jogging outdoors along the beach might be a much more enjoyable way to get your exercise done.

  1. Be consistent with your exercise and eating, results aren’t always linear.

Consistency is the key to fat loss. Don’t expect the same results every week, you may have a perfect week and the scale hardly budges and then the following week, cheat a few times on your diet and drop a bunch of weight. Don’t get disheartened by poor results and also don’t become too relaxed by good results, if you have a bad day, don’t do anything drastic to make up for it just pick up where you left off and keep sight of the end result you are chasing!

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