Here Are 3 Easy Food Swaps To Prevent Bloating

Healthy eating is widely promoted – however, not all natural foods are good for your digestive system. If you have IBS or a sensitive stomach, then certain foods can cause severe bloating and cause you to run back and forth to the bathroom every 20 minutes.  Womens Health talks to Kate Scarlata, R.D. for recommendations on which alternative foods you should swap out with.

healthy, red, fruits

  • Strawberries over Blackberries

Blackberries contain polyols, also known as sugar alcohols, are only partially digested and therefore only partially absorbed in the small intestine. This causes fermentation via bacteria in the large intestine which ultimately leads to gas. People respond to polyols differently but many experience or recognize the effects as gastrointestinal problems. Strawberries are low in polyols so opt for the sweet red juicy fruit to reduce your chances of flatulence.



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