Gigi Hadid Speaks Out About Elbowing Her Attacker In the Face In Milan

What in the actual wide world of f**k. This is infuriating.

When Gigi Hadid was leaving the Max Mara show with sister Bella Hadid in Milan, the supermodels were bombarded with paparazzi trying to get snaps of them. As if that’s not jarring enough, one man grabbed Gigi from behind and lifted her off the ground.

As any normal woman would react, Gigi screamed, swore and elbowed the attacker in the face. Watch the footage below:


#GigiHadid defended herself after the man grabbed her πŸ™

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The Sun, however, published an article with the title,”NOT MODEL BEHAVIOUR Gigi Hadid aggressively lashes out and ELBOWS fan in the FACE after he tries to pick her up” with the subheading of “The supermodel angrily hit out at the unknown man before running to her car.”

After receiving backlash on Twitter for the reporter chiding Gigi’s reaction, it has since been changed to “DON’T MESS WITH GIGI Moment model Gigi Hadid elbows prankster in the face when he pounces on her in the street and lifts her off the floor.

Gigi and Yolanda retweeted Rachel McGrath’s post to share the appalling actions of this so-called “prankster” and the terrible angle taken by The Sun. Since then, the title has been modified twice.


I honestly feel so bad for Gigi

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