This Is The Awkward Thing That 41% of Guys Want You To Disclose On the First Date

Usually, during first dates, people talk about topics that skim the surface… you know, all that pointless fodder to make yourself seem as attractive as possible. However, dating site Zoosk surveyed 5,000 members about appropriate first-date chat and one thing is quite surprising – and disturbing.

41 percent of men believe if either party is unable or unwilling to have children, it should be discussed on or immediately following the first date.

Yup. Have fun bringing that one up on your next date.

Other points that you should talk about on the first date is employment status and other sensitive information such as if you’re going through a divorce, etc.  Check out the infographic below for Zoosk’s pointers on when is the best time for you to disclose various personal details.


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