This Handy Trick Will Make Walking In High Heels Pain Free

All women love heels. Some will wear them through gritted teeth because of how it makes our bum and legs look and some just opt to not wear it because it’s so painful and impractical (don’t even think about trying to catch that leaving bus). After a night out in a pair of stilettos, you’re feet are probably pulsating and throbbing from the pain and the balls of your feet feel like they’re going to explode, am I right?

The solution is medical tape.

Tape your third and fourth toes together to relieve the pressure. There is a nerve that splits between these two toes which causes pain when pressure is applied. By using the tape, the strain on the nerve is alleviated and you won’t feel the sharp pains!

UPDATE: I tried this trick on my left foot and not my right foot to test this out properly. And though I had a few glasses of bubbly on my night out, I can say that I’ll be using this trick again. Maybe it was a placebo effect, but I felt like my left foot was way more comfortable than my right foot!

Here’s another trick to walk in heels without pain

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