Here Are 5 Things Your Body Language is Conveying To the World

Body language has the power to influence how others perceive and act around you. Tonya Reiman, body language expert, reveals and dissects to Byrdie what some of the common mannerisms convey to the viewer.

Fidgeting & Fiddling

This is the opposite of being calm and composed. In a business situation, playing with your hair, touching your face or any other type of fidgeting can be a huge distraction. Reiman says, “It demonstrates lack of power. When we touch our faces or hair, it is because we need self-soothing.”

However, in a dating context, touching your face and playing with your hair can make you seem more interested in the opposing individual, “It’s called ‘preening’ and is a common indicator that you are doing your best to look good for and attract a potential partner,”

“You can often garner the same results by leaning slightly forward, tilting your head, and incorporating a touch that feels natural, like brushing up against your date.”

Also, when you constantly cross or uncross your legs, it conveys to the other person that you’re disinterested.

Crossing your arms

It’s a universal sign for “no” – it’s a negative stance that makes you look look defensive.  “When you see this signal in any situation in which you are trying to persuade someone, you have some work to do,” Reiman says.