We’ve Been Doing It Wrong, This Is How To Apply Glitter Nail Polish The Right Way

So simple, but so mind-blowing – vlogger Kelli Marissa‘s video showing how to do glitter nail polish right has gone viral with over 2.3 million views to date, and for good reason!

When we grab a bottle of glitter nail polish, we think that the look of the bottle is an indication of what it will look like on our fingertips. But, more often than not, this is not the case. Using the brush like any old polish doesn’t do the trick. We just end up with a clear coat of polish with 3 bits of glitter and it’s so frustrating.

Kelli Marissa shows a genius beauty hack to make an opaque and solid layer of glitter with maximum effect. Simply use a triangular makeup sponge and apply the glitter nail polish on it. When you dab this onto your nails, it’s all the glitter without the excess clear polish. Finish with a top coat of clear nail polish and voila! You’ve got some insanely sparkly discoball-like fingernails to wave around.

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