How To Do A Sculpted Bronzed Look By Hourglass’ National Artistry Trainer

The new Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick from Hourglass has garnered so much attention amongst beauty bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers and it’s easy to understand why. In celebrating the launch of Hourglass’s new Seamless Finish Foundation Stick and Brush, National Artistry Trainer for Hourglass, Vanessa Eckels has been travelling around the globe to promote and demonstrate how brilliant this new product is. With news of her brief grace in Auckland, I was quick to jump in for a session with her. Picking her brain about what she thinks is an upcoming look that can be recreated at home, Eckels predicted the Golden Goddess look would work best for the Southern Hemisphere. With summer coming just around the corner, Eckels created a look dubbed “Virtual Skin Perfection” where she utilized light to dramatically sculpt my face.


HOW-TO: Virtual Skin Perfection


To prep my skin, Eckels used the No.28 Primer Serum which had an unexpected consistency; instead of the thick viscous blurring primers that we’re used to, this Primer Serum had a lightweight oil-like base that went on quickly and smoothly. Eckels also used the No.28 Lip Treatment Oil which was just so lush and gorgeous.

TIP: “I like to warm the product between my fingers then press it into the skin. The No.28 Primer Serum will help your makeup last all day.”

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