How To Figure Out If You Have The Mysterious ‘Normal’ Skin Type

When we hear the term ‘Normal’ skin type, most of us will think of someone with near-perfect skin that is perfectly balanced. However, this isn’t quite the case. In fact, a ‘normal’ skin type doesn’t actually exist.

It describes a skin type that is neither too dry nor too oily. It should feel naturally moisturised with minimal signs of dryness and have a smooth surface with no enlarged pores, blemishes or blackheads.

If you occasionally get dry patches or an oily T-zone, it doesn’t mean that your skin is categorized under ‘oily’. Your skin is affected by so many factors such as external aggressors like the sun or living in polluted areas and of course our diet, hormones and how hydrated we are.

No one’s skin stays the same all the time and we all need additional products to deal with these changes.

Some ways you can determine if you have ‘Normal’ skin are:

  • Your skin looks and feels equal in all areas, not too oily or too dry most of the time
  • Any oiliness or dryness you experience is rare and fixed quickly
  • Your pores are not invisible, but they are not obvious or enlarged either
  • Your skin doesn’t feel tight at the end of the day
  • You have minimal to no wrinkles
  • You have even skin tone with no brown or red spots

As we age and accumulate sun damage, our skin type will change. It’s important to reassess your skin if you see changes in dryness, oiliness, blemishes or wrinkles and adapt your routine to your new skin type.

So what products should you use?

Balanced skin simply needs to be reminded to stay balanced and healthy. The products recommended for normal skin signal the skin to continue functioning in a balanced, controlled state, both supporting and moderating the skin’s oil and water content.

Day Care

  1. Start with Cleansing Cream to remove dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of moisture and protection.
  2. Tone with Facial Toner, a refreshing herbal toner that refines pores while supporting firmness and elasticity.
  3. Moisturise with Quince Day Cream, a light cream offering essential moisture and gentle protection to keep skin healthy and fresh throughout the day.

Night Care

  1. Begin with the Soothing Cleansing Milk to gently remove dirt and make-up whilst maintaining the skins natural moisture balance.
  2. Tone with Facial Toner, a refreshing herbal toner that refines pores while supporting firmness and elasticity.
  3. Finish by applying a pea-sized amount of Night Serum to stimulate the skins natural night-time renewal processes for revitalized skin come morning.


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