If You Want 3 Kids, Scientists Say You Should Get Started at This Age

Scientists at the University of Rotterdam used the data of natural fertility of 58,000 women spanning 300 years up to the 1970s. Dr. Dik Habbema who devised the calculator said, “It’s not easy to make recommendations. I hope the model will play a part in making decisions easier.”

If you only want one child, then you should start your family no later than 32 years old for a 90% success rate. Based on the fertility calculator that the Dutch researchers have created, it is said that the likelihood of building your desired family is based on a woman’s age. If you want two children, you should start your family when you’re 27 years old. If you leave it until you’re 38, the chance of having your dream family will fall to 50%. If you want three children, then you need to get cracking at age 23. Look at the graph below for a guideline on when to build your dream family.


However, Dr. David Keefe from New York University’s Langone Medical Centre said that women in their thirties without children don’t need to panic. He told New Scientist magazine, “For women at the age margins, this could help nudge them one way or another, but we don’t want to force people to change their lives.”

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