Kiehl’s Introduces Tailor-Made Skincare In Celebration of Its 165th Birthday

Established in 1851 as an apothecary in New York City’s East Village, Kiehl’s originally dispensed prescription medications and specialized in customized herbal and natural remedies. With the demand of skincare treatments, they created personalized skin and hair remedies from highly concentrated formulas made of natural and pharmaceutical active blends. This was available at the Kiehl’s Pharmacy until the 1980’s. In celebrating their 165th anniversary, Kiehl’s are bringing back their apothecary roots by providing personalized facial concentrates that caters for each individual’s skin concerns.


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Yesterday, I had a consultation with Christina at Kiehl’s in Britomart. When I sat down with her, we went through a leather-bound book called the Consultation Skin Atlas. We graded 5 major skincare concerns: Lines and wrinkles, skin tone, texture, pores, visible redness.

My two highest skin concerns were skin tone and texture as I’m striving to achieve that buoyant, reflective baby skin. Based on this consultation, my personal Apothecary Preparations comprised of three parts: the base of Kiehl’s “Skin Strengthening Concentrate”, “Texture Refining complex with Vitamin F and LHA” and the “Brightening Complex with Vitamin C and Scotch Pine Extract.”

In a small personalized cardboard box, my Apothecary Preparation came with a fully labelled concentrate to activate myself later at home.


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On counters from 17th October, the Apothecary Preparations service is available from the flagship boutique in Britomart and Smith and Caughey’s for $158 NZD.


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