Kim Reveals Why She Wasn’t At Chrissy Teigen And John Legend’s Wedding

When you think about Kim and Chrissy’s weddings, you think perfection. However, we often forget that the rich and famous are people too and that they have plenty of couple problems. During a conversation between Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen on Kim’s app, the two talked about how they argued at each other’s wedding.

“John and I got in the biggest fight at Kim and Kanye’s wedding that you’ve ever seen in your whole life. It came from alcohol.” Chrissy said. “You know when you think everything’s about you? I was like, ‘We ruined the wedding and everyone noticed,’ and everyone’s like, ‘No, not really, nobody noticed.’… I remember standing with your mom and being so mad at him and everyone’s like, ‘He’s so amazing. Isn’t he amazing?’ and I was like, ‘NO!'”

Kim then said that she too got in a massive fight with Kanye at Chrissy’s wedding and she wasn’t even there: “Wait, I got in a fight with Kanye during your wedding. I didn’t go … [North] was just born and I was so fat, and I had nothing to wear, so then he kept texting me, ‘Babe, this is the most beautiful wedding,’ ‘Babe, this is so pretty. I really wish you were here at Lake Como.’ … Literally a play-by-play text. We got into the biggest fight. ‘Just stop texting me. Go enjoy the wedding, you’re making me feel so bad!”