4 Life-Changing Eye-cream Hacks You Should Know

A jar of eye-cream is a warrior that will fight and triumph over a bunch of beauty tragedies for every damsel in distress. Apart from their obvious uses, here are some unexpected methods to use that problem-solver.


Plump Up Lips

Caudalie’s founder Mathilde Thomas talked to Byrdie about applying eye cream to our lips. “The structure of the skin around the eye is very thin, as is the structure around the lips,” Thomas said. “Eye creams are designed to cater to this thin layer of skin. The formulas are fragrance free and packed with ingredients designed for the most sensitive skin.”

In the way that your eye cream plumps and firms your eye area, it will do the same for your lips. “The area around the eyes and lips are where women typically spot wrinkles first. The structure of the skin around these two areas are built the same, so the eye cream you’re applying will be equally as effective around your lips as it will around the eyes.”



Blend with Makeup

I know that it may seem like a splurge and unnecessary, but trust me, I’ve used eyecream as moisturizer before. A.H.C.’s Real Eye Cream for Face is an eyecream that’s designed to be applied all over your face and was voted the best eye cream in the general public blind test at the Beauty Award 2012 held by Allure. It was also chosen to be one of the top 5 eye creams on “Get It Beauty” where it competed with 900 other products from 170 brands. When you blend eye cream with foundation and BB creams, you’ll be strengthening and hydrating your face the whole day.


Put it in the fridge

You can combat puffiness around the eyes by cooling your eyecream in the fridge. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Brightening Eye Gel has a stainless steel rolling ball to refresh and soothe your fatigued eyes.


Use it before bed

In the morning, we’re tugging at our skin while we apply eye makeup after our morning routine. Apply a heavy eye cream at night time as it’s hydration will be uninterrupted and you’ll look as fresh as a daisy the next morning. Invest in an intensely moisturising eye cream such as Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal Regeneration Eye Cream.