This Is The Correct Way To Use Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup remover wipes have been proven to be the ultimate necessity for a lazy city girl. You can lie in bed while you take your full face of makeup off or keep it in your handbag for quick and easy touchups during the day. A lot of people won’t double cleanse afterwards which is a truly mortifying idea for me. Also, using wipes on a daily basis can produce more wrinkles.

I personally am not a daily user of this convenient invention but I know for a fact that so many women use it. Pure Wow says that we’ve been using these face wipes incorrectly this whole time.

We always apply foundation and skincare from the centre and gradually blend out to the outer edges of our face and I guess most of us will do the same when we use face wipes. However, we should be wiping our faces from the outer edges towards the centre.

This is because our T-zone generates the most oil and bacteria accumulates in these areas the most during the day. When you start by wiping the T-zone first, you’re basically spreading the bacteria all over your face like butter.

Start along the perimeter of your face and finish off at your T-zone.

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