This Is The Most Popular Wedding Venue Available On Air BnB

Even though I’m considered to be a millenial, I often get surprised at the pure genius creations stemming from this highly connected society all thanks to the world wide web and lately, apps. Airbnb has become a global phenomenon, supplying a way to bring different people together and provide cheap or insanely baller accommodation. It doesn’t only provide a place for you to sleep while travelling, Airbnb also caters to (nearly) every woman’s biggest dream.

Nowadays, you can hire the most luxurious homes or castles to host events, including weddings.

The most popular wedding venue on the Airbnb app is the Dairisie Castle in Fife, Scotland. Not only is it providing the most BOSS venue, it also allows the now grown up women to have that royal, fairytale wedding that they always dreamed of as little girls. For the girls who are into Made In Chelsea, you’ll be stoked to know that you don’t need to fork out a bajillion dollars to host an epic dinner like how the rich Chelsea kids do every second night. Check out the gallery of photos here.


Another awesome venue is the extraordinary villa in Inner Crete.


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