Read this Before You Go to A Hotel

Michael Forrest Jones who works for Beechmont Hotels Corporation and author Jacob Tomsky reveals some hotel secrets that we ought to know before staying in a hotel. Some of these tips are useful and some of these facts are absolutely  appalling.

How often is everything cleaned?

Last year, Buzzfeed leaked an unnamed three-star hotel chain’s cleaning schedule – and it’s horrendous.

The Daily Mail compiled this list as the hotel’s roster was dirty and disintegrating.



Don’t use wooden luggage racks

Forrest Jones wrote on a post on Quora: “After checking the bathroom floor to see that it appears clean, open your bag there. It’s literally safer… Bedbugs love wood and they don’t come from nasty people, they come from baggage that’s been in nasty places.”

Some hotels check for germs using a UV wand

Best Western hotels now use UV sterilisation wands from Purelight to sterilise objects that are frequently touched such as telephones, clocks, light switches, door knobs, bathroom fixtures, etc.

They also use UV inspection black lights to find food particles and biological matter. Ew.

Check the peep hole

ESPN’s Erin Andrews was filmed while she was naked by a stalker in 2009 via the peephole. If the peephole has been damaged, you should ask for a different room. He told the Daily Mail, “After you check your peephole to make sure it’s not damaged, missing or tampered with, find a piece of notepaper, tear off a strip of it, roll it up and twist it until it’s about the size of a cigarette butt, and ‘plug’ it in the peephole.”

How do hotels work out their room prices?

Zeev Sharon, CEO & Co-Founder of Hotelied, said on Quora: “The old industry rule of thumb is that for every $1,000 invested in a room’s construction, the hotel should charge $1 in average daily rate. So a room that cost $300,000 to build, should sell on average for $300/night.”

Also, the number of fixtures in the hotel bathroom can determine the grade of the room, “A standard three-fixture bathroom has a sink, bath and toilet, a five-fixture bathroom is more typical for luxury hotels, and has two sinks, a bath, stand-alone shower and a toilet.”

The protocol for when people die in a hotel room

Tomsky worked in the two top hotels in New Orleans and New York City. He told the MailOnline Travel that deaths in hotels occur more often than one might assume.

“It’s not something a hotel wishes to publicise, naturally.

So, they are removed as discreetly as possible.

This may involve flashing lights and paramedics, depending on the severity of the situation, but can also happen via employee elevators and back exits.”

Once the person is removed, the room is sanitised, cleaned and the next guest comes in to use it.

Staff don’t care about you

If you’re an a**hole, Tomsky says that staff members will seek revenge on you by changing your key card to lock you out or do dodgy things to your toothbrush. He said some staff have previously stolen from minibars and from valet-parked cars.

Forrest Jones said that housekeepers will rush the cleaning to fulfil their quote of rooms and no one inspects the rooms afterwards.

They also will rifle through guests’ personal items and read intimate information about them. Tomsky said, “I found a pretty foul letter left in a room. It was about someone’s wife being a whore. It was probably a joke, because there was a stamp on it of genitalia, addressed to a Mr. Cuckold, with details about her sexual activities.”


Don’t touch the hand towels

‘You know where you almost always find a hand towel in any recently-vacated hotel room that was occupied by a guy? On the floor… next to the bed,” said Forrest Jones


You might get a lower rate if you call

Call the hotel directly asking for their best rate. Hotels pay commission to online booking sites so ask the supervisor if they can offer you a cheaper rate to book with them directly.