Kourt K Gave This One Thing Up For Better Skin

Kourtney Kardashian revealed what she’s given up in the name of beauty. Despite most celebrities claiming that “chasing after their kids” is enough exercise, Kourt isn’t providing any bull for us to believe. “I keep hearing that [giving up dairy] is great for your skin,” she told PopSugar. “And this new doctor who my kids and I have been seeing just said we all have allergies to it… So many people keep saying you’re not really supposed to have dairy after you’re a year old. … We do have it once in awhile, but in the last six weeks, we’ve had it, like, twice.”

She swears by organic, gluten-free food and portion control. Now that she’s dairy-free too, what does she eat?

Her favourite snack is a Brazilian avocado pudding that she has for breakfast. “I think dairy is the easiest to replace,” she admits. “There are so many milk options and cheese options. That hasn’t been as hard, but we’re gluten-free too and that’s really hard.”

“I found some bakeries that make [gluten- and dairy-free] chocolate chip cookies,” she says. “Different stuff so we’re not totally missing out.”

Kourtney is currently loving this three-ingredient avocado pudding. All it requires is one whole avocado, a cup of coconut milk, and two teaspoons of manuka...

Her three-ingredient avocado pudding includes one whole avocado, a cup of coconut milk and two teaspoons of manuka honey. All you have to do is blend it up!

Ingredients to Kourtney's favourite Moroccan stew. (You can find the full recipe on her app.) 
The ingredients for her Moroccan stew
Kourtney admits she "definitely can't cook," so she relies on simple recipes she can make every day. She calls this veggie and protein-packed salad her "signature."
Veggie and protein-packed salad
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