Science Says Your Boss Should Buy You Lots of Chocolate

According to Quartz, economists at the University Warwick have found that happiness increases productivity by approximately 12%.

Andrew Oswald, Eugenio Proto and Daniel Sgroi studied over 700 participants via randomized trials to test the idea of “happy employees work harder.”

To create “happiness” in a lab, researchers used mild emotional manipulation – a selection of participants watched Bill Bailey perform standup while some were given chocolate and fruit. For the unlucky selection, they acquired no snacks.

They then did a 10-minute mathematics test to measure productivity under pressure.

To no surprise, those who watched the comedy show or ate chocolate had better performance in the productivity task by 10-12%.

Conclusion: Chocolate makes you happy and in turn, more productive. Therefore, our employers should provide us with a tonne of chocolate to make us happy and work better. Win, win for everyone.