Scientists Say Cutting Carbs Is NOT the Most Efficient Way to Burn Fat

It’s been ingrained in our brains that the best way to shed those pounds is to cut out the carbs since the Atkins diet in 1972 to the Paleo way that surrounds us today. Of course, cutting out carbs will most definitely burn fat, however, it’s not the most efficient method.

A new study concluded that dietary fat restriction resulted in more body fat loss than carbohydrate restriction in people with obesity. The experiment involved testing 19 adults with obesity in a metabolic ward for two 2-week periods.

It’s not to suggest that you should cut out all fats, including healthy unsaturated fats, it simply shows that cutting fat is the most effective way to reduce overall body fat percentage. Body fat loss was calculated as the difference between daily fat intake and net fat oxidation measured.


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Graphical Abstract for the Results


The group that cut 800 kcal/day of carbohydrates led to a loss of  53 ± 6 g/day of body fat while those who cut the equivalent amount of fat led to a loss of  89 ± 6 g/day. This is respectively a loss of 0.37kg/week and 0.62kg/week. You can burn nearly double in body fat by culling your fat  over culling carb intake.

Every body is different though, so do what works best for you! And remember that unsaturated fats are good for your health, so it’s best not to write those off your diet.