Shay Mitchell Reveals A Beauty Hack For When You’re Over Tired

Shay Mitchell, more like SLAY Mitchell. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll know that she kicks ass at life. It’s easy to see that she her schedule is jam-packed but thank goodness she takes the time to capture photos in between. Constantly travelling to and fro, the Pretty Little Liars star somehow manages to look flawless everyday despite all the sleepless nights.

Mitchell revealed to SELF a pretty strange beauty secret that we can all try out. “This may sound crazy… If I don’t get a lot of sleep I hang my head off of the edge of the bed. I think it’s important to just get that additional blood flow whenever I’m tired.” Called inversion, SELF reports that this technique stimulates circulation.

Try snoozing with your head hanging off the bed to revive your energy and get that blood pumping. Maybe you’ll look just as good in your “I woke up like this” Snapchats during your 6 a.m. Pump class.


Showering off all the tomato sauce from the pizza and pasta this week! ???

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My “almost-fall-but-not-ready-to-let-go-of-summer #ootd ” ????☀️? #oneseasoninla

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