Study Reveals That Those Who Are Always Tardy Are More Successful And Creative

My best friend is always late. I don’t think there has ever been a time when she arrived anywhere on time. Although it annoyed the hell out of me, I am totally okay with this now and her bosses are too. We’ve all accepted it. If you’re one of these perpetually never-on-time people, fear not – this rude habit is actually a good thing.

Sabrina Hoffmann and John Stanley Hunter wrote in Business Insider Deutschland about what this habit means. First, they say that successful people tend to multi-task and this causes people to lose their sense of time. Secondly, it is correlated to optimism, “If you’re an optimist, you tend to think you have more time on your hands than you actually do.”

They added that positive thinking is the same personality trait which will make you more successful, “a study among salesmen shows, that optimists tend to complete 88 per cent more sales than their colleagues.”

Hoffman and Hunter refer to the two personality groups that researchers from the 1950s split people into. Type A describes competitive and impatient people while Type B are more relaxed and creative. Tardiness would most likely put you in the type B category. “A study shows that the two different types have a complete different perception of time: after one minute the research participants had to guess how much time had passed. People from subject group type A guessed at an average of 58 seconds while those from group type B thought in average that 77 seconds had passed,” they wrote.

It’s not the most scientific explanation, however it does make sense. If you’re an optimist who’s more concerned with the “bigger picture” than minute details and busy multi-tasking everyday like most entrepreneurs are, I guess your habit of chronic tardiness can be forgiven.

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