New Study About Household Chore Delegation Will Surprise You

The majority of the Western world is striving to close the gap on gender equality, yes? However, if you’ve ever thought that you still find yourself being the one who constantly does most of the chores, then you’re not alone.

The Huffington Post reports on a new study from Indiana University that household chores are still delegated based on gender. Most of you may be thinking, what about the women who are the main breadwinners of the family? It’s unfortunate and rather disappointing to learn that income was not an important factor.

Natasha Quadlin, doctoral student at Indiana University said, “Most research on housework suggests that couples divide housework along different axes; for example, lower-earning partners do more housework than higher-earning partners. Instead, our findings suggest that [gender] is by far the biggest determinant of Americans’ attitudes toward housework,” The Huffington Post reports.

The study involved a sample of 1,025 participants and were given various hypothetical marriage scenarios to assess. The genders, incomes and gender roles (whether they were masculine or feminine in same sex couples) were the main three variables of each scenario. They were then asked to choose which partner should take on which chores. Said chores involved cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, doing laundry, “outdoor chores”, auto repairs and managing finances. Childcare tasks involved physical care, emotional care, discipline and care-giving.

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