Taylor Swift Just Broke Her Internet Silence

Taylor Swift has gone off the grid since the big ordeal of Kim K “exposing” her via Snapchat. She’s received an overload of snake emojis and cyber abuse but she’s back! With her cat!

Olivia Benson features in her Internet-silence-breaking moment with Taylor talking to her cat behind the phone, “What’s going on? You feeling less like a cat and more like a squirrel today? Yep.”


A week ago, she posted on Instagram to send Selena birthday wishes and she was off the SNS game for a week. Only three hours ago, she returned to Instagram to wish Karlie Kloss a happy birthday, “I LOVE YOU KARLIE! You’re such an exquisite person, always trying to make things better for others. Every day I’m inspired by how giving, loving, and thoughtful you are. Happy 24th Birthday!!!”