The Affordable + Covetable Sneakers That All the It-Girls Are Donning

The trend of wearing sneakers with every outfit that started in South Korea and Japan is now a universal fashion movement that everyone adheres to. Solange’s latest line of sneakers for Puma, “Word to the Woman”, has been spotted on all the it-girl’s feet. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin have been donning these cool, affordable sneaks. It comes in two styles, the “match” and the “suede”. Pretty snazzy, hey? Check out the Solange x Puma collection here.


The Sneakers Models Love Wearing
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The Sneakers Models Love Wearing
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Puma Sneakers Models Love
Solange Suede Classic Triangles Women’s Sneakers / Puma


Solange Match Lo Stutter Stripe Women’s Sneakers / Puma