The Ankle Boot That Has a 3,000 – Person Waitlist

When my NYC-based friend told me about Everlane, I vowed to buy their entire collection if I could save enough to drop an entire month’s paycheck by being a meditating hermit. Everlane is a relatively new brand that launched in 2010 and it’s all about providing classic, wardrobe staples that are of high quality at an inexpensive price tag. They cut out the middlemen and reduce the profit margin to deliver the necessities at an affordable price.

The brand’s first-ever boot, The Chelsea Boot, was launched yesterday and it had a waitlist of over 3,000 before it even launched.

The Chelsea Boot comes in four colours and are $235USD.

The boots are made in Brescia, Italy and is made out of 100% full-grain Italian leather. Totally worth the tiny splurge for a timeless bootie that will acquire character with age. Sold.