“The Morning Show” Commentator Goes Way Out Of Line With Gross Comment About Amber Heard

Well this came out of absolute nowhere. The divorce between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has become international gossip that is pervading our feeds. Now, with allegation of domestic abuse and Johnny’s ex and daughter defending him, it has become a very public and very messy situation.

Not that they need any plebeian’s opinion on their personal and private relationship, now a commentator on “The Morning Show”, Peter Ford, has made a very bizarre ignorant comment on television. Ford was asked to speak about the divorce and whether it has affected Depp’s latest film, Alice Through The Looking Glass.

He starts the conversation off with “I probably shouldn’t say this, I’ll probably get in trouble… it’s not wise to marry a bisexual.”

“This is what Johnny Depp has done here, with Amber Heard. And she was in a very legally committed relationship, a marriage, a legal marriage, to another woman when Johnny came along, and she decided to travel across to the other side.”


Ford has since apologised for his comments. He contacted psychologist Dr Michasel Carr-Gregg who told him that bisexuals are no less committed to their relationships”