There’s A New Base Coat That Allows You To PEEL Your Nail Polish Off

Those who love glitter and sparkles on their finger tips know that it’s a whole different type of hell to get rid of sparkly residue. Now, there’s a new invention that allows you to swiftly peel off your manicure without harsh nail polish remover or scrubbing off glitter. That’s just a no-no for your poor nails!

Brought by Sally Hansen, this wonder product will be available in New Zealand in June!

Another wonder product that’s been brought out is the Big Kwik Dry Top Coat which dries in seconds. This is ideal for those who ding their nails when they’re wet and end up in tears – me.

Big Peel Off Base Coat - Front of Sleeve_med_res
Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat $14.99 Available June
Big Kwik Dry Top Coat_med_res
Sally Hansen Big Kwik Dry Top Coat $14.99 Available June