This All Natural Concealer Is the Bees Knees For Your NonTouring Look

I’m currently on a major buzz for using certified organic, all natural cosmetics and cruelty-free cosmetics. Why? So I don’t slowly poison myself with chemicals. Read this for some serious shocking revelations about the huge difference in chemical levels in our body from using different cosmetics.

Anway, a while back, I was sent a sample of a few different products from Bella Vi. Recently, I’ve been rolling out of bed 20 minutes later than my usual wake-up time because it’s winter and it’s just too hard. During the morning rush, a full face of makeup is not really viable… not that I do it often anyway because I’m super lazy.

However, as we gradually get more and more tired from the daily grind (or unable to recover from your raging weekend), under eye bags/dark circles greet us more often than we’d like them to. With the wave in the new beauty trend of “less is more” (Kim Kardashian said so too), the perfect concealer is now your go-to product instead of applying layers and layers to your whole face.

Use a concealer to hide blemishes, sun spots and of course, dark circles. The Bella Vi concealer is super lightweight while giving decent coverage and it doesn’t clog up the lines and wrinkles underneath your eyes. You know how some concealers can get stuck inside the lines and actually emphasize your wrinkles? This doesn’t. The formula goes on smoothly and it looks like your own natural skin sans makeup. Sometimes, it’s hard to find natural makeup that glides on in the same way that regular cosmetics do due to their exclusion of products that create the perfect consistency. However, I am utterly impressed by how much BETTER it is than regular formulas.

It’ll make people question what your secret is to flawless blemish-free skin. Like I said, bees knees. This is the one product you need when you have 2 minutes in the morning… and add a dab of cream blush to bring some life into your face.

BTW: the concealer pot is HUGE! What a score.


Bella Vi Concealer $50.50