This Girl Got A Dress Code Detention For Wearing A “Sexual And Distracting” Outfit

A student from Sherman County, Oregon was suspended from school after receiving a dress code detention for this outfit. Apparently, the principal considered a hoodie and leggings to be “sexual and distracting for all the boys in he school”.

She was given a change of clothes that the principal deemed appropriate.

Her mother, obviously livid, took to Facebook 2 weeks ago to share and display this act of discrimination and sexism against women. She wrote:

“Took my daughter out of school today because she got dress coded and a detention for this outfit. She was also given other clothes to change into deemed appropriate by the principal. Her outfit was to sexual and distracting for all the boys in the school. therefore she is being punished for being female. All Girls at the school are only sexual objects and should be punished. Thats the message sherman county schools wants to make clear. Also, BOYS should not be held accountable for their actions. ITS THE GIRLS FAULT BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST SEXUAL OBJECTS TO THEM, and PROVOKING THEIR DESIRES AND DISTRACTING THEM. THE GIRLS ARE ASKING FOR IT.

This needs to STOP. This needs to STOP in the schools. Girls should not be discriminated against because they are GIRLS!!! OR PULLED ASIDE DURING CLASS AND ARE MADE TO CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES. What message is this teaching young woman??! That they should be shamed and punished for being a female. If something happens to them from a boy, its their fault because they are asking for it??. Guess our girl’s education isnt as important, as the boys.

DISCRIMINATION, and sexualizing young girls needs to stop!!!!! Only parent’s united can put an end to this. Girls should not be shamed and feel embarrassed for who they are.”