This Is The One Thing You Should Never Use In A Hotel Room

Though hotel rooms may seem clean, immaculate and a safe place to be in, this is not the case. A hotel customer uploaded the following image to Imgur with the caption, “Heard something crinkle when I settled in for the night…”

Heard something crinkle when I settled in for the night...

The note reads, “If you’re reading this, then house keeping did not change your sheets!”

Shock horror. Though this may be an exception, it’s pretty gross to think that some hotels would do this.

According to ABC News, it’s the water glasses that you should NEVER drink from. They report that the “hotel drinking glasses that were so dirty they could pose a serious risk to your health.” Three of the four hotels that ABC15 tested had not replaced the dirty glasses with clean ones. Instead, they used a towel or sponge to wipe them before putting them back in place for the next customer. Will Humble from the Arizona Health Department explained to ABC News that dirty glasses can transfer viruses or even influenza from guest to guest.

They continued to investigate throughout America, asking their sister stations from Kansas City to Cinicinnati and then Baltimore to test out 15 more hotels.

11 out of 15 hotels failed to take the dirty glasses out of the room.

At the Kansas City Holiday Inn, a hotel maid wiped her hands with a towel – and then used to dry the dirty glasses.

At the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati, the housekeeper used a bottle of Lysol mildew remover to spray the dirty glasses and coffee pot in the sink.

Most of the workers seemed to use rags and towels to clean the glasses that were used to clean other items. At an Embassy Suite in Cincinatti, the maid used a clean towel to wipe down the dirty floor and used her foot to wipe it. Then she cleaned the bathroom floor an used it to wipe down the coffee pot.