This Is The Ugliest Colour In The Colour Spectrum

What would you consider to be a disgusting colour? After 3 months, 7 studies and 1000 smokers, they acquired the answer. It’s Pantone 488C which is this colour here:


Marketing company GfK Bluemoon were hired by the Australian government in 2012 to find the answer to this question. Why? To use this aesthetically unappealing colour for the packaging of cigarettes in order to discourage people from smoking. What a good idea!

Dubbed as ‘opaque couche’ by the professionals at Pantone. Victoria Parr, market researcher from GfK Bluemoon told the Brisbane Times, ‘‘It had as its aim the antithesis of what is our usual objective. We didn’t want to create attractive, aspirational packaging designed to win customers… Instead our role was to help our client reduce demand, with the ultimate aim to minimise use of the product.’’

Initially the federal government referred to the colour as “olive green” until the Australian Olive Association urged they stop using the term. Now, this dark brown-green has a nickname of ‘drab dark brown’.