This Is Why You Should Put A Strip Of Tape On Your Computer

Hacking scandals and sextortion is an issue that seems to be propping up continuously worldwide. Sextortion is a type of sexual exploitation when someone retrieves sexually explicit photos and videos via hacking to get money or obtain more photos. Mic suggests that the one way to keep someone from hacking your camera and releasing videos of your naked body is a piece of tape.

Using a remote administration tool, Mic reports that hackers can access your files, your private data and acquire a live feed from your webcam without turning on the indicator light. They recommend you use a non-transparent tape like duct tape or gaffer tape.

If you’re one who loves their laptop and wishes to provide a solution that is more aesthetically pleasing than a piece of tape, there are camera covers with a sliding door called C-Slide. Personally, to avoid the sticky tape residue, I use a piece of card folded along the two edges of my screen.