This Makeup Hack Conceals Pimples Like Nothing Else

Having a giant pulsating zit or perhaps a whole farm on your face is infuriating enough – thank God we’re no longer pubescent. However, from time to time those pesky little spots pop up to say hello and though we’re blessed with makeup, it sometimes feels like there’s not enough concealer in the world to cover that volcanic pimple.

Allure found a makeup hack to effectively cover pimples on Reddit. She writes, “When I have a pimple or some discoloration that I’m desperate to cover up, I always put eyeshadow primer on it before I go for color correcting/concealing. Obviously you don’t want to do this all the time bc you want to allow your skin to breathe, but this is my fave thing to do for special events. Normally I have problems getting the makeup to adhere to the skin that has the most problems (due to oil or peeling when the skin is a new layer) so the area around it has all the product and the blemish itself is as red as ever. I like to use a drier eyeshadow primer like Lorac’s so it really stays and it doesn’t add to any oil. Then I apply the concealer (I use UD naked), powder (LM), then a setting spray (nyx matte) and that blemish is invisible for as long as I’m wearing makeup! Hope this helps somebody!”