WATCH: This Video Of Ballerinas Dancing “Hiplet” Has Gone Insanely Viral

A video of Homer Hans Bryant‘s students dancing to Jason Derulo’s “If It Ain’t Love” at the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center has gone insanely viral, BuzzFeed reports. Initially posted on Instagram Bryant, the video was reposted on the Só Bailarinos Facebook page where it accrued over 6 million views so far.

The girls in the video are aged 12 to 16 years old, “A lot of the girls in the video have been training with us since they were 3 years old,” CMDC school administrator Cheryl Taylor says. She also added that the dancers had performed with the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra last year.

The dance style is called “hiplet” which is a fusion of ballet and hip hop invented by their instructor Bryant. Watch the girls nail the routine: