Twitter Is Going Crazy Over Britney Spears Avoiding G-Eazy’s VMA Kiss Like He’s Diseased

Oof, to be rejected like that is painful enough. But on live television? At the VMAs? You can only imagine the response from Tweeters. Her highly anticipated VMA performance for “Make Me” was pretty awesome. Rocking a sparkly yellow body suit and later an awesome hooded jacket to match, Britney showed off her epic body that she’s been working so hard on.

G-Eazy joined Britney on stage wearing all black and some snug as pants that I’m currently coveting. At about 3:45 of the video, G-Eazy leans in for a kiss (must be a spontaneous spur-of-the-moment kinda thing) to which Britney responds with a pretty adamant ‘no’.

Brit is all for grabbing G-Eazy’s junk but a kiss is where she draws the line. Not for Madonna though, of course.









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