A Health-Conscious Celebrity Gives Two Easy Health Tips That Are Trending In Hollywood

An aficionado in all things health, Miranda Kerr clears up the misconceptions of what actually is “organic” and how we can make small changes in our diet for optimum health. It’s the little things that count.

Based in Los Angeles, Miranda told Vogue Australia that people don’t fully understand what makes something organic. “People can claim that something is organic… If it’s not certified organic, then it really is debatable how organic the product really is,” Kerr explains.

The commitment to organic is not limited to only food: it expands to beauty products, washing detergents and everything that our bodies are exposed to. “Obviously I can’t always have organic make-up, or organic hair products, but at least if I’m putting organic skincare on and I’m eating organic food when I can, I’m giving my body the best chance to really nourish itself. I just feel that if we can minimise our exposure to chemicals, then why wouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t you give your body the best chance to function at its optimum?”

Also something to note is the water we drink. “Right now I’m drinking alkaline water.”

“You know, disease happens in an acidic body, so if you can alkalise your system through the food that you eat and the water that you drink, you have a much higher chance of staying healthy,” Kerr says. “And so, that’s the whole concept around alkaline water. I’ve noticed that it’s helped me feel better and more hydrated.”

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