Unleash the Kraken: the “Fighting Words” All Couples Recycle

Have you noticed that you recycle arguments over and over again? Writer, M. Blazoned summarizes the battles that all couples endure in a relationship. Do these 6 seemingly innocent words make you fume with rage?


1. “Nothing”

The argument usually starts with a grumpy pout or the loudest silence that provokes the question, “What’s wrong?” To that we usually respond with a nonchalant, “nothing”. Plates are shattered and tears are streaming because your other half is an insensitive nitwit who either doesn’t realize what he’s done or isn’t owning up to his mistake.

2. “Seriously?”

It’s a sure-fire way to ignite those crazy-eyes because you were, in fact, being serious and he just reduced your problem into something that was dismissible. How rude.

3. “Whatever”

Causing similar reactions to the aforementioned “seriously?” the “whatever” disregards your issue so completely. It’s impossible to walk away from this.

4. “Nevermind”

To elaborate, “I’ve got a real problem with you but I can’t be bothered to explain it to your dumb face and tiny brain.”

5. “Fine”

It’s mocking. You’re acting like the bigger person with your passive aggression and superiority. There’s no resolution.

6. “Chill”

The ultimate trigger word. Prepare to feel the hysteric wrath of your long-time repressed hostility.