URGENT: People Can Now See Every Picture You’ve Ever Liked on FB

Well this is going to be a super embarrassing time because now, your spouse, ex and people who hate or dislike you can now witness all the photos you’ve ever liked on Facebook since you joined.

Search on the Facebook search bar “photos liked by …” and it gives you some options.

After you type in the first letter of the person you’re stalking…

Looking at the photos I’ve liked is super weird and creepy and it’s hard to scroll down for very long. I’m creeped out by myself. When you’re using this to figure out what kind of quirky online presence that your boyfriend or friends are enjoying… it will be a whole new story. Let the judgement begin.

With this tool(?), you’ll be the ultimate sleuth slash creep and it will no doubt cause arguments like, “Who’s this b***h?!” or “Why did you like this photo? What’s wrong with you?”

Thanks social media.