I Got The Kim K “Vampire Facial” And Logged It For You To See

Ever since Kim Kardashian shocked the world with her blood facial in an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, it peaked everyone’s interest as to what in the world this procedure promised to deliver. On June 3rd, I too, followed the beauty crowd and received a Vampire Plus Facial. Boy, oh boy, that was a night that I will never forget.

The concept is relatively simple: skin regeneration via Needling of your platelet rich plasma. It’s been nearly two months since my VFP and my skin has never looked so good. In conjunction with prescribed skincare, this is the answer to achieving perfect skin.

In terms of the pain scale, I’d say it averages to a 3/10. However, it may be important to note that I am the only person they know of who has fallen asleep during a Vampire facial. With two layers of anesthetic thoroughly massaged in, I didn’t feel more than a prickle for the majority of my face, even in areas that I was warned would be particularly painful such as around the nose and upper lip – I didn’t feel a thing.

The only painful part is when the pure PRP is injected around the eyes. I left the spa looking like a beetroot but after 2 days, my normal colour returned to my face and the instant effect I saw was the disappearance of my pores and a luminescent glow, resembling the buoyant skin that babies have.

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