WATCH: Kristen Stewart’s Trailer That Received Boos AND A Standing Ovation At Cannes

At the Cannes Film Festival, apparently there’s a serious boos problem. At the first press screening of “Personal Shopper”, a new film by Olivier Assayas starring Kristen Stewart, it was met with a series of groans and booing.

Kristen Stewart plays a young personal shopper who lives in Paris picking up and dropping off couture items to a horrible supermodel and designer. However, she’s not just a personal shopper, she’s also a medium. Before her twin brother died, they made a pact that whoever died first would send the living other a “sign”. The trailer portrays a typical horror movie with lots of running mascara, terrified looks, panting, running, falling, etc.

According to Movie Pilot, the movie received boos at the press screening and then received a four and a half minute standing ovation at the film’s premiere. The plot itself is rather bizarre; a personal shopper who reconnects with the dead. The director, Assayas also said that the ending of the film is confusing to many people. He said at the film’s press conference:

“Movies have a life of their own. What is exciting about Cannes is that yesterday no one had seen the film. “[Now] the whole world had seen it. [The ending] is a very intense, very powerful moment.

“It’s interesting because it happens to me once in awhile where people just don’t get the ending.”

Stewart also told the press that she was very pleased with her performance:

“I don’t mean to sound so dramatic or actor-y, like, ‘It almost broke me,’ but genuinely I [now feel I] can do anything. This movie made me feel like there is nothing I can’t put myself through. I never felt so good for feeling so bad.”

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the film a five star for its review.

“It is actually Assayas’s best film for a long time, and Stewart’s best performance to date… Kristen Stewart’s performance is tremendous: she is calm and blank in the self-assured way of someone very competent, smart and young, yet her displays of emotion are very real and touching.”

There’s a variety of opinions that are for and against the film, but all we know for now is that this is a must-see.