WATCH: Makeup Tutorial For “2 Minute Easy Cut Crease”

Have you ever witnessed someone with the cut crease while you’ve been walking in your home town? I, for sure, have not. Existing only on the Internet, the cut crease can be seen everywhere from YouTube to Instagram. Today, while traipsing around the world wide web, I found a genius cut crease hack that makes this daunting look approachable enough to try out. For the curious ones who have an hour to trial, fail, trial and master, this is the perfect tutorial to start self-teaching the cut crease. Let’s be honest though, we’ll probably end up vacuuming our house and playing with our pet hamsters.

Kristen Leanne shared to her SNS platforms a “2 minute easy cut crease” beauty tutorial which utilizes shadow shields. She wrote, “I struggle with creating a clean, matching cut crease just like the rest of you! I figured there must me something I can use to create symmetry and clean lines. I ended up flipping a shadow shield upside down, and cutting it down to size. Works great!”

The products used in the video are as follows:
Shadow Shield (meant for using underneath the eye area to collect eyeshadow fallout) This item can be found at your local Walmart
Jeffree Star beauty killer palette
Too Faced sketch marker in ‘chocolate chip honey dip’
Colour pop liquid lipstick in ‘dopey’
Urban Decay heavy metal glitter in ‘junkshow’

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