10 Cocktail Bars in Melbourne that You Should Know About

A girls weekend in Melbourne is at the top of any girl-gang’s list, after all it is the quintessential spot for any girls weekend. Shopping, cocktails and exquisite cuisine – what more could you ask for. Seeing as cocktails have become the pillar to any girls weekend, it is important to know where to go for your cheeky SATC Cosmo or your PIMM’s Popsicles.

Here are 10 of the top cocktail spots in Melbourne hunted down by Melbourne Pubs and Bars. 

  1. 1806: Melbourne CBD.
    A powerhouse in Melbourne since 2007, this cocktail bar has been a pillar of style and grace. Master mixologists take their trade seriously as tipplers enjoy the finer things in life. Full table service tends to your every need and the Pharmaceutical Stimulant, made with 42 Below Honey Vodka, is a stand out winner. Arming yourself with 1806’s cocktail book as you head off into the night will enable you to create your own top-notch concoctions at home.


  1. Acqua é Vino: Yarraville. This is the bar you can plan a first date around. AeV is casual enough to not make anyone feel uptight, or second guess their wardrobe choice, yet it oozes refinery and is a great way to show off your awareness of quality. Sipping classic cocktails (served for $12 from 5-8pm, Tuesdays to Thursdays) such as the Piñata Colada on cosy chesterfield lounges with your new flame will see the hours fly by.


  1. Atticus Finch: East Brunswick.
    Knowledgably staff are more than happy to create a unique cocktail tailored to your palate should you be in an indecisive mood, or, take our recommendation and start with an Attics Finch Maiden Century mixing Melbourne’s own Maidenii classic Vermouth, Waqar Pisco and Lemon. Breeze through the venue to discover a hidden beer garden at the rear, which is the perfect backdrop to any warm evening.


  1. Long Room: Melbourne CBD.
    This glamorous bar is the place to be seen. Long Room’s grandeur is highlighted with guided mirrors, comfy armchairs, ornate light fittings and a lengthy marble top bar. Thursdays present $11 house cocktails all night long yet no evening is complete without a Northside cocktail: this new addition to the list is a play on the traditional Southside with a blend of Tanqueray Gin, fresh muddled Strawberries, Lemon Juice and Basil.
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  1. BearBrass Eating & Drinking: Southbank.
    This spring, BearBrass pays homage to one of the most popular beverages since 1823, PIMM’S. Perched on the relaxing side of the Yarra River, BearBrass will transform into a garden oasis where you can you can sip on PIMM’s Cups, order jugs of the fruit filled refreshment, or even suck on PIMM’s Popsicles. Start your weekend with a Bloody Mary over breakfast, then work your way down the drinks list while watching the world go by.


  1. Pier Port Melbourne: Port Melbourne.
    With a drink in hand and overlooking the bay, this bar will have you melting with relaxation. Arrive early to claim a seat in the sun, equip yourself with a Pink Cucumber Martini (made with Hendricks Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Lemon and Cranberry Juice) and admire the heritage cars that cruise down Beach Road. The Pier Port Melbourne adds a resort feel to every weekend, just remember to bring your sunnies and reapply sunblock as the hours here feel like minutes.


  1. The Woodlands Pub: Coburg.
    In addition to a mind-blowing craft beer list, The Woodlands also boasts a well executed cocktail list. Skimming this unique cocktail menu, the Chilli Gingerbread Martini will stir intrigue and with tongue-in-cheek humour their Coburg Moccasin is a salute to the famous Japanese Slipper. Upload a picture of your drink to Instagram and then congregate in the weather protected beer garden for live music from 4pm on Sundays.


  1. High Society Cocktail Lounge: Melbourne CBD.
    This venue has been in operation since 1932 and shows no sign of slowing down. Society is well known by foodies, though you may be surprised to hear about their hidden cocktail lounge on the third floor. Delightfully cheeky bartenders provide engaging entertainment as they whip up French Martinis made with Grey Goose Vodka, Chambord Liqueur, and Pineapple Juice. In for just one drink? Think again.


  1. Mary Fortune: Melbourne CBD.
    Firmly establishing itself as one of Melbourne’s hottest cocktail bars, the team behind Mary Fortune is eager to thrill and delight. Be prepared to forget what you thought you knew and open your mind to recommendations. Who said you can’t put dry-aged beef into a cocktail?! The Man with the Golden Goose uses Hazelnut infused Grey Goose Vodka and has a buttery finish. Bring the girls for a night to remember and then all promise to make Mary Fortune a regular occurrence.
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  1. Lulie St Tavern: Abbotsford.
    A new kid on the block, this dive bar has sure made itself known. Join the buzz at the bar as you watch your Sailor’s Fresh Apple (Granny Smith juice pressed to order with a decent dose of Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum) being created. Adopt Lulie’s laid back demeanour and take a seat in their recently opened beer garden, or throw down a darts challenge to give your drinking arm a different sort of workout.


If cocktails don’t tickle your fancy what about what about an elegant, sun-filled rooftop bars, which in Melbourne are infamous for not having any signage. Whatever you are after – from events to DJs that will help you dance the night away you can use the Melbourne’s Bar and Pubs free app to find your way around the most important things in the city.