10 Things To Do This Long Weekend

When we hear the word ‘weekend’ we are pretty damn excited, two days to relax and spend it how we please. Surprisingly, there is one thing better than hearing the word weekend, and that is when you add ‘long’ to it. Three days, one extra day off and a shorter week the week after – hello dream! We go into a long weekend full force, ready to spend it with, friends, family and with ourself because we have plenty of time! But 6 hours into our long weekend and so many of us are glued to Netflix, watching our weekend fly by. To ensure you don’t waste your long weekend we have found 10 things you can do this long weekend.

1. Build a fort.

Let’s be honest, with three days off it is unlikely every day is going to be sunny and warm. If you are woken to the rain on the roof, grab your blankets, grab your laptop and build a fort that you never want to leave. Whatever people say, fort building is not just for kids.

2. Be a tourist.

When we go overseas we are excited by every little thing – a coffee shop, a museum, an art gallery and a local attraction. Instead, when we live in a city we become disenchanted with the things around us. Search top attractions to do in your city and make an effort to experience a few of them.

3. Roadtrip.

If you are blessed with warmer days grab your bag, grab a sleeping bag an head out on the road – with your incredible road trip playlist of course! There are so many great spots in New Zealand, get out and see them why not try a secluded beach?

4. Host a dinner party.

We have all  seen Come Dine with me or the home restaurant stages of My Kitchen Rules and thought, “oh yeah, I could do that.” Use this long weekend to put your money, and your chef skills, where you mouth is and host a dinner party. Get crazy and have three different dinners at three different houses and judge each other. Try this Banana bread, Quinoa Pizza Base and Homemade Nutella liqueur to finish.

5. Get active

Long weekend creep up on us and we are over the moon, planning all the crazy things we are going to do. Only to find that we spend 99% of it watching Netflix and spend Tuesday slumped over our desks still dealing with a food coma. Instead, get out there and kick your butt – even if only to let yourself go nuts on the snacks. Try a new class like Barre, Crossfit or Reformer Pilates (just make sure you know their long weekend hours).

6. Get out and find some #foodporn

Lately there has been an influx in trendy cafes, so it is only right that you head out with your phone in hand and gram your meal before you eat it. It’s what the kids are doing and did you eat something if you didn’t gram it first? Here’s a few we have found.


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7. Get cultured

Museums, gigs, art galleries, there are plenty of places in your city that are dying to give you an education, whether it be in art, music, history or strange finger-painting like portraits. Grab a friend who likes to explore or chuck your headphones on and have a solo trip.

8. Social game

If the sun stays put, grab your friends, some ice cold beer and wine (if the grounds allow it) and head out to the park or another local green for some social cricket, basketball, rugby or football. Whether you are competitive or not, why not make it into a competition – losing team pays for dinner!

10. DIY

Remember when you were a kid and you loved a good scrapbook or colouring in session? We all know that Pinterest is the new scrap booking and the adult colouring in hot right now, so why not relax your brain and colour inside the lines for the afternoon. If you fancy getting a little more hands on flick through Pinterest and get crafty. Turn those old jeans into shorts or create some wall art. If you prefer to get have a bigger benefit from what you do, why not get your bake on!